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0001010v3.2 ReleaseEventspublic2011-11-11 09:552014-08-16 18:58
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Summary0001010: project hierarchy isn't preserved in list view when updating project parent
DescriptionAfter changing a project's parent the hierarchy isn't presented properly in the project list view.
Additional InformationI created the following independent hierarchies:

- AAAA.1

- BBBB.1

Everything works as expected.

I edit BBBB to have a parent of AAAA, in the project list when I expand AAAA, BBBB.1 is not part of it.

I would expect:
--BBBB.1 <-- this is missing

I also added AAAA.1.a under AAAA.1 to test that three levels deep works.

When I go to edit BBBB.1 it knows it's parent is BBBB

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2011-11-11 09:58   
If I edit BBBB.1 to no parent, then back to BBBB the list update is corrected. I suspect this is a denormalized data side effect.
2014-06-11 18:03   
This was fixed in v3.x development.

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