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0001016v3.0 Release[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-11-15 08:222013-08-28 11:22
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Summary0001016: unclear task display of subtasks if unfinished filter set on main task view
DescriptionI would think this is a bug, not a feature:

consider a task with subtask.
If the main task view has checked 'show unfinished only', then the view of subtasks under the view of the task also uses the same filter and shows unfinished subtasks only...

That would be ok if the user could know that this filter is set, but this view misses the checkbox for unfinshed tasks only.

So the users run to the administrator and complain that all subtasks have disappeared from w2p db - whereas there is only a filter set that knowbody can know about, because it is not displayed in that view.
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2011-11-25 10:43   
Resolved in r2207, will be in the next release;

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