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Summary0001039: Interface design un-responsive
DescriptionI am using web2project on a small screen (1024x600) and with fonts set to display larger than 12pt. The interface is designed so that I have to scroll sideways to get to certain interface elements, such as a save button. Also, when the absolute font size changes, the interface does not accommodate larger font sizes (14px+). Both of these issues could be solved if the interface was designed using 'em' values rather than absolute pixel values.
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2011-12-23 10:20   

Thanks for this report and the screen cap. There's a huge amount of UI cleanup (and simplification) in v3.0 coming but I'll double check to make sure these points are considered and resolved by v3.1.
2014-09-21 13:06   
This has been implemented in the Bootstrap theme:

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