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Summary0001055: Task List Report sorting error
DescriptionWhen requesting a task list report, one parent task is appearing at the bottom of the list of its child tasks. This causes the first child to appear to be a child of the wrong task.

I have attempted changing capitalization, updating the parent task, adjusting task status, etc., but am unable to reproduce the error with another task.
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2012-04-20 05:18   
jrhall, could you please mark/write down somehow what should be the correct order of the tasks?

2012-04-20 13:23   

I've attached another image ("Report - Task List - Bad Sort - follow-up.png") that shows a little more detail. ...Not sure why I didn't use this image in the first place.

The task "SELECT DATES AND VENUES" is the parent task for the other two tasks in the "On Campus Trainings" project. It should, in theory, appear before either of the other child tasks "DATES AND VENUE COMPLETION" and "Determine Blackout Dates for TSC REED" - that would also match with the visual hierarchy that it's trying to draw.

In doing some more checking just now, I realized that "DATES AND VENUE COMPLETION" was a milestone. However, when I convert it to a regular task, the problem persists.

Also interesting - the sort order matches the order in which they are appearing in the unsorted "tasks" database table, once you account for the initial grouping by project. Since the application is still in the pre-use phase on our end with nothing but testing tasks, I'll also upload a CSV of my tasks table in case that's of any help.
2012-10-28 17:53   
The key to reproducing this one is having sub and dynamic tasks along with others that overlap. Depending on their dates, they can easily come up out of order.

Since this is just annoying and only exists in the Reporting, I'm going to move this to Post-v3.0 development.
2014-03-30 21:57   
This was resolved in v3.2 development. Latest tweak is here:

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