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0001127v3.0 Release[All Projects] Generalpublic2012-04-12 14:512013-08-28 11:18
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Summary0001127: After applying the 0000957 correction, excluding task logs mantain the progress at 100%.
DescriptionAfter applying the 0000957 correction, excluding task logs that updated the progress to 100% doesn't return the progress to the previous log value. The system maintain the progress at 100%, but only if the progress was updated to 100%.
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2012-06-03 09:53   
I just installed the 3.0-pre version to see if this issue has already been solved, but it is present in the latest version too. Excluding task logs after they reached 100% doesn`t return the progress to the last log value. In case of some user error registering the progress, we can`t go back unless the admin edits the task itself. I`m not a programmer, but it has something to do with the if-else statement in the modules/tasks/tasklogs.class or logs.class file.
(I solved the question changing the "<100" for a "<101" but I know that this is a stupid solution).
2012-07-14 19:50   
Resolved for v3, patch cannot be applied to 2.x

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