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0001135v3.2 ReleaseCore Infrastructurepublic2012-05-07 10:362014-07-16 21:28
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Summary0001135: Cannot use "<<" in the description text fields
DescriptionIf you use double less than "<<" in any text field the << and everything that follows in truncated. If you type the value in the field in the database that it is shown. If you click edit and than save than you lose the << and everything that follows.
I needed to copy some bash script files in the task logs (to document what was done) and I lost parts of the text since it contained << characters.
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2012-05-18 23:04   
This one is quite a bit more complicated than imagined.

The core system uses the strip_tags function to remove all the HTML tags. The way the function works is that it interprets any combination of "<" and then a non-whitespace character as an opening tag. Therefore any of these would be removed:


whereas if the "<" is followed by whitespace (space, tab, linebreak), it is preserved as expected. Therefore, this is a language feature, not a web2project issue.

The workaround for now is to not use "<<" or anything similar to the examples above.
2012-05-22 10:34   
Why remove HTML (using strip_tags), why not just encode (, ie. replace < with < in the database? This way a user can copy-paste html code. There is a legit reason for some web developer (or shell developer) to paste code into the task logs. Just a suggestion.
As seen here Mantis allows "<<" in the comment.
2012-05-27 13:44   
Currently there are lots of encodings/escapings across a variety of modules (and end points like pdf vs gantt vs web vs email) that changing something like this would have a variety of repercussions.

To be clear, this isn't a "no" this is a "way too risky to do this right now" and it's much bigger than this original report.. that's why it hasn't be Closed just marked as unfixable.
2014-05-20 20:22   
Resolved in development:

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