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Summary0001157: Copy project from template failes
DescriptionI have setup a project which has several tasks. I have marked that project as template. now when i create a new project from project creation screen (not from project designer) and say 'import tasks from' my template project, it fails and i get the following error messages :

Demographics Parser: CTask::store-check failed - task end date is NULL
Charges Parser: CTask::store-check failed - task end date is NULL
Dictations Parser: CTask::store-check failed - task end date is NULL

I have task end dates for each of my tasks. please see the attached screen shots.

Can you tell me what am i doing wrong here ?
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has duplicate 0000783closed caseydk Pending Requests Error: Transfer from template to other projects 
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2012-07-01 22:53   
This issue is similar to issue id 0000783.
2012-07-24 12:12   
If this is the end date of dynamic tasks problem, I fixed that some time ago (at least gave a workaround), I think also here in the bugs section.

2012-07-25 03:43   
I think that was bug 1088. There, dependencies are calculated before children are imported, so all dynamic tasks crash by that message. I think the bug has a fix or workaround which may not be in core yet.


2012-11-24 17:03   

I've adjusted how tasks are imported and how the corresponding dates are calculated. The Dynamic issues is under 0001088 and is being resolved separately.

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