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0001158v3.0 Release[All Projects] Generalpublic2012-07-02 08:062013-08-28 11:18
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.0.0 
Summary0001158: email not sent for task reminder, bug fix 2.
DescriptionTask Reminder:
Queue Generation and processing works in 3.x but email is not generated/sent due to code bug:

in tasks\tasks.clss.php

public function remind($module, $type, $id, $owner, &$args) {
// contacts detemination does not work properly within getAssigned()
// $contacts = $this->getAssigned();
//----instead of: take code from w2p 2.3.1 -----------------------------------------
       // Grab the assignee list
       $q = new w2p_Database_Query;
        $q->addTable('user_tasks', 'ut');
        $q->addJoin('users', 'u', 'u.user_id = ut.user_id', 'inner');
        $q->addJoin('contacts', 'c', 'c.contact_id = u.user_contact', 'inner');
        $q->addQuery('c.contact_id, contact_first_name, contact_last_name, contact_email');
        $q->addWhere('ut.task_id = ' . (int)$id);
        $contacts = $q->loadHashList('contact_id');

Additional Information- w2p 2.3.1 dont use getAssigned()
- w2p 2.4, w2p 3.x use this function
- propably getAssigned() is called by others, so I didnt change the function itself.
- I know that other users run w2p 2.4 without this change and it works as well, that I dont understand, however with this modification it works safe.

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