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0001196v3.0 Release[All Projects] Generalpublic2012-11-02 00:562013-08-28 11:18
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Summary0001196: The Owner and project_type and project_contacts are not displayed in Project list view
DescriptionThere are three issues in the project list view.

1) The Project Owner is not displayed with the name. It shows the UID number of the Project Owner (ex. "1").
2) The project_type has the same issue as above.
3) Project_contacts are empty

See the Attachment
Additional InformationVerified in the last build (cd295d1) and (823f421)
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2012-11-02 23:05   
3) The project_contacts (and project_department) fields are legacy from another project. I've added a patch to remove those from the config screen.

The other two will need tweaking.
2012-11-02 23:33   
This is sad, because I used to use this functionality to see who and from which department is my project contact in the overview.
So I could also sort by contact name or department to have a quick overview.
2012-11-04 13:29   
The list of Project Contacts has *never* been on the Project List screen.
I'm not sure if the Departments were either.

Regardless, the way they're represented here was just plain poor database design that didn't work reliably.
2012-11-04 17:17   

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