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0001252v3.2 ReleaseTaskspublic2013-02-28 01:072014-07-16 21:28
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Target Version3.2Fixed in Version3.2 
Summary0001252: Gantt charts offset by UTC to User locale time difference when viewed in "show full project" mode
Description- in "show this month", bar chart display follows user locale (all OK)
- in "show full project", bar chart display follows database value with no correction for user locale. This results in a visual offset of up to 13h
Additional InformationWeb2project V3.0-pre
Git version 3186736eec00dcf27b004f8f886813ffe0fc7888

Server Ubuntu 12.04LTS
Server timezone UTC+13 (NZDST)
User timezone UTC+13 (NZDST)
Client Win XP Pro - Firefox
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related to 0001266closed caseydk v3.2 Release "Show all" on gantt chart for Departments 
parent of 0001268closed caseydk v3.0 Release My tasks to do/ My Gantt - displays incorrectly on "Show All" 
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2013-03-02 21:32   
(Last edited: 2013-03-02 21:44)
Testing various gantt views that appear for timezone related issues
- Projects/Gantt View - summary (Project bar) works OK in both display modes, task bars (when selected) are incorrect in both views
- View Project/ Gantt Chart - displays incorrectly on "Show All"
- My tasks to do/ My Gantt - displays incorrectly on "Show All"
- View Department/ Projects Gantt - summary (Project bar) works OK in both views, task bars (when selected) are incorrect in both views

2013-03-02 23:01   
Other than the "My Tasks" View (0001268), the rest of these are super low priority because in order to notice that timezone oddness, you have to have less than 90 days visible on the Gantt Chart.
2013-06-01 18:07   
More testing against git a7863616ee shows that the issue appears to be related to any task that starts prior to the current date. If one task starts before curren tdate then all will be offset by timezone on Show All. Where all tasks are in the future, there's no issues.
2014-06-10 22:08   
Resolved in development:

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