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Summary0001255: Importing milestones may cause "CTask::store-check failed - task start date is after task end date"
DescriptionLet's say we have a project template with a bunch of tasks and want to import those tasks into a new project with a new start date.
When after shifting all the dates a task with duration 0 (e.g. milestone) falls on a not_working_day, the task class will move the start_date to next_working_day (task.class.php Line: 554). So now we already have start_date > end_date.

A couple lines later (560 - 562) it tries to move the end_date to a working_day, but it moves it to prev_working_date making the difference even bigger.
When the time comes to validate the new task (task.class.php Line 126 - 160 isValid()), it fails and spits out the error message:
"CTask::store-check failed - task start date is after task end date".

Moving end_date to next_working_day instead of prev_working_day seems to solve it, but I've only tested this with milestones (duration 0). I can imagine this happening with other short duration tasks and long weekends.
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Although the fix helped, I'm still occasionally getting the "CTask::store-check failed - task start date is after task end date" error when importing milestones.

I was able to trace it back to the addDuration method in Date.class.php.
Line 264:
($sgn > 0) ? $this->next_working_day() : $this->prev_working_day();

Your patch uses the following to calculate the end date:
$new_start_date->addDuration($orig_task['task_duration'], $orig_task['task_duration_type']);

Since this is a Milestone, it's duration is 0, therefore $sgn = w2Psgn($duration) = 0.
So adding duration=0 to a date causes it to move to the previous day.

I tried ($sgn >= 0) in line 264 and it works. I don't know what side effects this could have though.

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