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0001257v3.2 ReleasePDF Generationpublic2013-02-28 04:192014-07-16 21:30
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Summary0001257: Gantt chart print to PDF only shows the first 24 tasks
DescriptionAfter not having used Gantt charts before, we now have a PM that likes them. He's complaining that when he tries to print Gantt charts to PDF it only prints the first 24-or-so tasks and then stops and prints the chart key (in much larger type).

Additional InformationI have suggested a workaround in that he simply right-clicks the chart on the web page and downloads it, but I haven't been able to overcome this PDF generation problem.
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2013-03-02 14:17   
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Since there's an easy work around for this one (Show Full Project -> view image -> print to PDF), I'm pushing this beyond the v3.0 release.

FYI: There *is* Gantt chart pagination code built into the PDF generation but it doesn't seem to work as expected

2013-03-03 04:14   
Using IE this work around doesn't work
2014-06-14 19:50   
Finally resolved this one for v4.0 but you should be able to just grab this patch:

My test projects had 22, 105, and 364 tasks and each worked as expected.
2014-06-19 20:56   
Backported this fix to v3.2

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