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Summary0001258: Unable to sort tasks in a Gantt chart
DescriptionYes. I *know* it's PNG file... ;-)
The problem is that I have been unable to find a way of sorting the order that tasks are shown in the Gantt chart when it is generated. My PM wants particular ones (like meetings) at the top.
The order of task doesn't seem to be related to start time/date, alphabetical or any other sort mechanism visible to the average user.
I'm no expert in Gantt charts (I avoid them) but I would have expected it to be based on start date, but it doesn't seem to be entirely so (see attached sample).
It would be nice to promote selected tasks above the default sorting method.
Is that possible?
Additional InformationI have a feeling that this one is finger trouble on my part...
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2013-03-02 16:35   

The flexible sort described is described in the linked issue.

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