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0001259Pending Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2013-03-01 02:452013-03-04 21:06
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Summary0001259: Flat view of contacts shows incorrectly filtered contacts by letter
DescriptionThe tabbed view works but if the flat view is selected at each letter block all contacts are shown multiple times, in duplicate for A, in triple for B and so on.
So, regardless of the letter that should filter them, all contacts are shown and are added on for each letter (20 contacts on 'Recently Updated', 40 on 'A', 60 on 'B'...).
Obviously it also takes a very long time to show the page.
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duplicate of 0001270closed caseydk v3.0 Release FIX: Flat view of contacts shows incorrectly filtered contacts by letter 
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2013-03-04 21:06   
Closed in favor of the duplicate which has the fix.

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