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0001286Pending Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2013-03-07 01:502013-07-04 23:24
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Summary0001286: FIX: A folder cannot be edited, failing with a permissions error
DescriptionThis is because of the default way edit permissions are checked. The fix involves adding the following method to the bottom of the 'folders.class.php' file in the 'files' module directory:

    // This is a hack to allow editing a folder. If the logged in user
    // has a file inside of which it is the owner its assumed that (s)he
    // may edit the folder. This is done with a query.
    public function canEdit() {
        $q = $this->_getQuery();
        $q->addWhere('file_folder = ' . (int)$file_folder_id);
        $q->addWhere('file_owner = ' . $this->_AppUI->user_id);

        // counts total recs from query
        return count($q->loadList()) > 0;
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duplicate of 0001277closed caseydk v3.0 Release Can't edit existing folders 
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2013-03-13 22:10   
Closed in favor of the original report.

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