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Summary0001289: addedit.php Project Parenting search to use project Status types
DescriptionOK, this is related to 0001239 in that we've tried marking projects as inactive by default to try to get the database ready for parenting to perhaps only search active projects. The problem is that once a project is inactive it loses all it's status classification and disappears into the "Archive" tab.

We tried modifying line 407 (ish) in addedid.php to set any new project to "Inactive", but that also changes any project edited to inactive. As an aside, in the default state it changes the status of an inactive project to active when it's opened for editing, which is altogether another can of worms...

Obviously, this method won't work for us, so we're wondering if there's a more flexible way of getting around this parenting problem.

I know that at the moment, the search for projects to parent takes place as a "New Project" page is loading, so the home company that the project relates to is not known, which is a pity. However, a way around this may be to have an option to limit the search to projects with a particular status, or list of statuses instead of "Inactive" or "Active", set by the administrator. These statuses are stored in the database as numbers, so it should be possible to construct a way of selecting the status types to search that is generic enough to handle whatever customisations people may have done to their data.

It's a lot of work to cater for the small number of your users that have over 10,000 active projects, it may not even be a feasible answer and it certainly requires some thought or debate, so that's why I'm suggesting it for 3.1!
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2014-01-26 15:35   
What "Status" would properly describe this for you?

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