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Summary0001304: Dymanic Task not reporting percent complete properly
DescriptionPlease see attached. When the child tasks are complete at 100%, the parent still shows a 91% completion.

Also, Once tasks are dynamically linked, the user cannot change any value (progress, date, etc.) without receiving an error. The task must be removed from the dependency of the parent prior to editing.

I don't think this is normal. I have been reading about the logic in other posts and believe I have it figured out, however, it doesn't make sense that you have to break the dependency to edit dates and times.
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2013-04-26 12:08   
dynamic tasks take their times solely from the children.
they are more restrictive than parent tasks. they are a kind of umbrella around the children.
ithink this is as designed.
i#f you need to adjust the dynamic, use.
dynamic-parent-children, then you can change the parent, and the dynamic will reflect all.

2013-06-01 22:24   

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