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0001311Pending RequestsCore Infrastructurepublic2013-05-14 04:422014-04-05 17:32
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Summary0001311: Suggestions
DescriptionI've installed version 2.4 and like what I see - here are my suggestions:

1) Need sql prefix for your records. (eg w2_); can add your records to my Wordpress database which is backed up nightly.

2) Need "Invitation code" where I can set up invitation codes and a limit to invite folks to join and control who can join (e.g. "Accounting" 15 would allow only 15 folks to join from accounting).

3) Need ability to approve ALL new registrations as the Admin if I want.

Beyond that the system looks very interesting - will continue to test.
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related to 0000648closed caseydk Make the Install Script Table Prefix Aware 
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2013-11-24 08:21   
Can you break this into individual requests?
2014-01-04 09:08   
Can you break this into multiple requests? At least one of these items is underway now.

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