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Summary0001321: bulk add increasing time by 5 hours when date not selected
Descriptionwhen useing the action section of project designer to make changes to any action except start date or end date it adds 5 hours to the time of the task being updated.
Additional Informationnot sure if its related but when you add task with end the project designer module it adds 5 hours to the time when submitted
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related to 0001250closed caseydk offsets start date by locale difference on Update 
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2013-05-23 19:37   
I've seen this sort of thing before and the time added or deleted is the time difference between your locale and Zulu time. I was getting this on saving existing tasks (after textual change) but not in the designer. This was corrected but will check again against latest git.
2013-05-31 12:48   
(Last edited: 2013-05-31 12:52)
yes, this is still happening in the latest git (today - 130531):

task time is changed by 1 hour (GMT versus CET).

And another bug:
changing the date sets the time of day to the current time:

shifting a task from Apr 2nd 9am (at 10:23pm of my local computer time)
to May 5th sets the time to May 5th, 1023pm instead of May 5th, 9am.


2013-06-01 00:20   
(Last edited: 2013-06-01 03:48)
this s wrong:
    $end_date = new w2p_Utilities_Date($bulk_task_end_date);

it takes the time from the form, sets timezone to GMT BUT does not convert the time to the new timezone.
So for 8 am CET, CET is replaced by GMT to give 8 am GMT instead of 9 am GMT

if no times are set, it seems it loads the task, which does not convert to user TZ, but then store converts back to systemTZ (in the pre hook).

2013-06-01 04:06   
1) times changes upon changing other properties:

upon load, we need to convert to user TZ because load does not do it:
                        $upd_task->task_start_date= ($AppUI->formatTZAwareTime($upd_task->task_start_date, '%Y-%m-%d %T'));
                        $upd_task->task_end_date= $AppUI->formatTZAwareTime($upd_task->task_end_date, '%Y-%m-%d %T');

2013-06-01 04:08   
see FIX in last post
2013-06-01 20:56   
Merged to core:
2013-06-02 02:48   
problem still occures if you make bulk changes and one of the change includes progress. otherwise the fix works
2013-06-02 03:12   
in last note i just installed the fix. when I install fresh load now time subtracts 5 hours when any change is made
2013-06-02 03:53   
now we have it double fixed:

if we do 0001327 (which is reasonable) we do not want # 1321, that was only a workaround.
2013-06-02 20:50   
Thanks, resolved:

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