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0001354v3.2 ReleaseCosmetic/UI Issuespublic2013-07-25 21:082014-07-16 21:28
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Summary0001354: "System Configuration" and "Set the Admin Email Address" run together
DescriptionIn the default style (web2Project Macinscott Style) when viewing the system admin page there needs to be a newline or some other seperator between "System Configuration" and "Set the Admin Email Address". In the current style and with their placement they look like part of the same link.

Setting an email address for the admin on my end made the second link go away so is a workaround.

Tested only in Chrome.
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2014-05-26 20:49   
The goal is to get you to set that email address, so I'd suggest Mission Accomplished. ;)

Anyway, I inserted linebreaks in development:

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