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0001358v4.0 Release (Planning)Taskspublic2013-08-01 00:352016-12-29 10:16
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Summary0001358: Extending time of day dropdown in Task entry/ edit
Description(This could also apply in other areas)

At Task entry/ edit where TOD (hours) is set from the dropdown box. This is limited in range from defined day start and day end. For those of us who may plan to start early and finish late (or set a task to do this), can we have a wider selection but colour coded to show outside the "working day".
Say red for early/ late hours, black for regular working hours.

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related to 0001490acknowledged caseydk task times are not allowed outside working hours 
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2014-06-13 13:52   
Noting this for later development:
2014-06-13 23:11   
Resolved on the v4.0 development branch:
2016-12-29 10:16   

I'm changing this issue to acknowledged.

While it's resolved in the v4.0 development branch. That is going to be reviewed commit by commit and merged into a new development branch over the next couple months.

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