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0001365Pending RequestsUser Adminpublic2013-08-25 02:052015-02-17 11:47
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Summary0001365: As Administrator (role), can't delete Contacts/ Users
DescriptionThere's no delete button available to delete Contacts or Users
Additional Informationgit version 72aab04b38eae60d5837cd8d6a853dae0e3aa9b7
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2013-08-27 21:33   

You can't delete a User if they own anything. You can see the full list here:

And you can't delete a Contact if they're a User.. which then is determined by the above logic.
2015-01-21 13:41   
I´ve the same problem, and i was seeing the link that showed caseydk in the past note and don´t works.

I´d see the delete boton to delete contacts and users.

I´ve few users that are not associates with any project, neither task, neither company and i need delete them. Also the inactive Users neither can be delete them.
2015-02-17 11:45   
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Still an issue with 3.3. This is a needed feature.

If developers are hesitant to delete users for fear of messing up associations, at least having the ability to hide the user from all but the admin's eyes would be nice.

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