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0001407v3.1 ReleaseUser Adminpublic2013-11-26 07:552014-01-25 00:31
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Summary0001407: can't edit/set permissions
Descriptionthe Buttons/links are gone from the user admin page.

The URL - if known - still leads to the correct edit page if entered manually.

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2013-11-27 13:25   
You can still edit permissions by visiting the individual users' pages itself.

Therefore, I'd say this isn't a bug.. just a preference. My question is: How much do you care about the link?
2013-11-28 10:16   
(Last edited: 2013-11-28 10:17)
well, see bug 1415.

Although working a lot with w2p, I didn't figure out that the user name is a link leading to the same place. Maybe put an edit icon into the column heading.

For me, it was just the wellknown user table with the icons gone. Might happen to others similiarly.

Something is wrong anyway - see 1415, because some rows don't have name and link in user name. I don't think we can have users in w2p without userid/username? How would they log on?

I would prefer the name on the left. That's were I look first, and the log book in that column feels misplaced. But not really important once I know how it works.

No longer a 'crash' once one knows what to do.


2013-11-28 20:33   
Resolved for v3.1:
2014-01-21 17:40   
Closed for v3.1 Release which occurred 20 January 2014.

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