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0001411v3.1 ReleaseProject Designerpublic2013-11-26 13:292014-01-25 00:27
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Summary0001411: add tasks in projdesigner: preset times with start to end working day, not with actual time
Descriptionadd tasks presets the daytimes with start working time and end working time, or something similiar (don't remember)

Projdesigner uses actual time. If I add the task at 11pm, that's in there, with and at midnight.

That is not desirable, addedit task and projdes should do the same.
The preset period should be inside the working day.

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2013-11-27 13:52   
Updated this to default to beginning of tomorrow's working day. This will be in v3.1:
2014-01-21 17:41   
Closed for v3.1 Release which occurred 20 January 2014.

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