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0001422Pending RequestsForumspublic2013-12-03 09:012014-04-05 17:29
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Summary0001422: Can't delete any post on Forum module : noDeletePermission error on v3.0
DescriptionWhen using a user account with Administrator rights it is not possible to delete an existing post / reply on forum : on-screen error is noDeletePermission

Please also refer to this discussion :
Additional InformationIt is not possible as well to modify any existing post : changes won't be saved by the system.

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2013-12-06 22:19   

Are you getting any sort of messages in your php error log?
2013-12-11 03:35   
Unfortunately not, I can't see any additional on-screen message with ini_set('display_errors',1) on ./base.php other than noDeletePermission ....

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