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0000143v1.2 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2009-04-27 22:062009-12-08 19:04
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Summary0000143: Project % Complete Calculations
DescriptionOne of the single most important values that is calculated constantly is a Project's percent complete. While it's trivial for small projects, for larger projects - or on project list screens - it gets to be a non-trivial and often horribly painful calculation.

Since we already have "project_percent_complete" on the Projects table, we should be able to calculate and cache it.
Additional InformationTo ensure accurate information, this should value should be recalculated when
- we update any of that Project's Tasks have their duration or percent complete updated;
- we update any child Project of the current Project;
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2009-11-25 20:30   
Updated to pre-calculate the project_percent_complete value instead of calculating it on the fly for every page load in r805;
Also added a migration to backfill all old project_percent_complete values;

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