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0001436v3.1 ReleaseSystem Adminpublic2013-12-25 17:352014-01-25 00:24
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Summary0001436: admin & calendar modules remain selectable for install
DescriptionGoing through the process of running V3.1 inc the calendar config upgrade. Both the admin module and the calendar modules remain as modules but aren't registered as such so are available for a "new" module install. The admin module has no setup routine and the calendar module just re-runs previous actions but doesn't register.
Also noted in the acl permissions tables, I've ended up with duplicate entries for permissions for events, user. You can pick this up in a view of the entrirds in System Admin/ User Permissions View - there should be 5 line entries per module.
Additional InformationI deleted the additional lines from the db and all seems well but they shouldn't get generated in the 1st place.
Note the db was a clean install of w2p and not an upgrade, users and projects created from scratch
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Closed for v3.1 Release which occurred 20 January 2014.

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