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0001448v3.2 ReleaseTaskspublic2014-02-17 12:402014-07-16 21:27
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Summary0001448: Description box text showing up in other task description areas
DescriptionIf I type a note in the Description box of a Task, quite often that note shows up in other task descriptions when it shouldn't be there.
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2014-02-17 23:33   
Do other tool tips show similar weird/duplicative behavior?
2014-02-19 14:21   
No. Just notes typed into the Description box area. I'll find an instance of it in my install and you can access and take a look.
2014-03-03 11:12   
that definitely was an error in the old import function, where the string was not set to empty.
We recently retested that for import tasks, and that is ok now.

For you, is it on newly added tasks, or on imported tasks?
2014-03-13 22:11   
This was resolved a while back by clearing the task description between tasks during import.

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