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0000145v1.1 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2009-04-30 05:332009-09-09 22:37
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Summary0000145: Id generation for Custom Fields
DescriptionIn /classes/CustomFields.class.php around lines 76-80, the Custom Fields class itself calculates the next available primary key for the table using a "max(value_id)" structure. While this should always work, it's kind of silly to do... the underlying value_id field is an auto_increment so the database should handle this.
Additional InformationIf this was consistent behavior across all classes, I wouldn't note this as a problem but as is, this method of id calculation is only used in this single class.
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2009-06-13 20:08   
Resolved in r440;

2009-09-09 22:37   
Closed for release.

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