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0001465v3.2 ReleaseTaskspublic2014-02-22 10:352014-07-16 21:27
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Target Version3.2Fixed in Version3.2 
Summary0001465: Progress gets stuck on 100%
DescriptionAfter a tasklog that has set the progress to 100% is excluded, the percentage doesn`t come back to the previously registered.

This happens only after 100% progress logs.

I`ve reported this bug on the 2.4 release and corrected it in my customized version. But... I`m no expert and I could not correct the file menu bug in my version... probably because I`ve changed some command lines by my own...
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2014-03-15 09:24   
Can you give me exact steps to reproduce this one? Thanks!
2014-03-30 22:06   

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