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Summary0001467: Files access erro passage V3.0 to V3.1

i have got big problem to access and put a other file (user: admin all modules and permission) :
 - Access Denied "You have attempted to access an item in web2Project without the sufficient permissions to do so. Please contact the web2Project System Administrator"
 - put file, after: "An invalid file handle was passed to the function"

Best regards
Steps To Reproducepassage v3.0 vers 3.1
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2014-03-03 10:55   
I personally would call it a block if neither old nor new files are accessible.

That makes w2p totally unusable.

2014-03-03 13:21   
solution (at least partially see:
2014-03-04 12:14   
the above solution is for new files in root folder.

w2p still does not store/display files attached to a project.
new files are not displayed in files tab of project.
They are visible in root folder under files menu.

The sql is totally different from the sql created in a December 2013 version.

2014-03-06 04:59   
(Last edited: 2014-03-07 01:29)
Thank you

I modified the file "fileviewer.php" to put : "$q->addTable('projects', 'pr');"
Now,it's possible to read the old files.

But when i put a other file. It is not possible to read this after.
he said :" An invalid file handle was passed to the function"

it is a big problem for all projects that i have got in WEB2Project.

Have you got a litle solution for V3.1? I think, it is not possible to return on V3.0 ( Mysql, etc...)

I test v3.2 ---> some problems ( user, new file impossible,...) It is not mature

Best regards

2014-03-15 00:07   
Resolved in development:

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