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0001488Pending RequestsProject Designerpublic2014-04-06 02:382016-12-26 10:25
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Summary0001488: expand all button is gone
Descriptionexpand all button is gone

very unpractical makes projdes nearly useless if many parent/children relationships
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2014-04-08 06:28   
I found the new functionality, but it is not handy

(expand button is at top of page)

1) it does not honour global setting of expand/not expand
2) on page reload (e.g. after updating something) it doesn't remember previous setting of expand
3) bad place for the buttons: after selecting a project, the focus is at the task table with nothing expanded.
Previously, the button was in the table header
Now I need to scroll to the top of page to click expand, then go down to table
 again (after every edit or new task etc !!)
2014-04-08 06:30   
looking at the old code, it seems update workspace saved the setting, but clicking the save workspace icon nw does not do that
2014-04-08 06:33   
the code looks like gannt, probably also task table should have additional expand buttons but they don't show
2014-04-08 06:58   
problem is with the new table class and the old $openlink, but there are more changes, just bringing that link back into the table does not do anything
2014-04-08 23:17   
I added a work around for now:

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