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0001504v3.2 ReleaseProjectspublic2014-04-23 01:252014-07-16 21:30
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Summary0001504: import from project drop down is empty even for template project
Descriptionmy understanding was that the dropdown currently offers those projects that have template status.

At this moment, that dropdown box is empty
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2014-04-23 08:19   
this is either a dP upgrade problem, or a w2p upgrade problem:

it seems there is now a field in sysadmin that holds the templateid.
This is somewhat illogic because in sysvals template is defined as 6.

nevertheless, this field is empty.
I don't remember whether we had this field already in 3.0.0 or not, anycase, in 3.0.0, I saw all projects for import.

So somewhere along the line, we forgot to ask the user to enter the template id into sysadmin or forgot to do it automatically.

we could do that on startup of sysadfmin: check whether templateid is a valid int, if not, require to set it.

either in the dP-> w2p update, or in an w2p 2.x to w2p 3.2.0 update
2014-04-23 08:20   
changed severity to minor as there is a workaround
2014-06-14 17:11   
This was only an issue for dotproject upgrades, not new installs. Regardless, I've resolved it here in the conversion process:
and here if you've already upgraded:

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