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0001516v3.2 ReleaseEventspublic2014-04-27 09:202014-07-16 21:29
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Summary0001516: months calendar shows all tasks for the company, does not filter by user
DescriptionA user has been added and assigned to all tasks of one project.

His monthview shows ALL tasks assigned to the selected company - it is not filtered by his userid. So essentially, he sees everybody's tasks, not only his tasks.
Didn't check for dayview etc.
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2014-04-27 09:42   
partly fixed see 2 commits in stable 3.2 pre:

functionlity now: respect filter my events and previous version filtering (show all for company).

missing: distinguish between owned by myself and ALL.
I think previous showed all, so owner filter is still missing.
2014-05-09 15:16   
Seems to work as expected now.

Tested by creating multiple events, some assigned to me, some not. The filters worked as expected.

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