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0001527Pending RequestsTaskspublic2014-05-16 11:222016-12-26 10:25
Assigned Tocaseydk 
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Summary0001527: tasks per user cannot assign users
Descriptiontasks per user cannot assign users
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2014-05-25 20:14   
I don't know how this form is supposed to work.. so it's hard for me to call it fixed. Any insights?
2014-05-26 01:53   
I assume 0001526 fixed this as well.

Both bugs come up if canEdit is false.
It is the same form so if there is not an extra bug in this, you can call it fixed.
2014-05-26 01:57   
I just checked your commit message:

no, it is not that.

On display of the page, the dropdown is not set to the language currently selected. So it sits at the top entry. And when saving, that will be the new language.

I think your commit refers to language at t installation (when nothing has been selected yet)
2014-06-11 21:51   
I still don't know enough about this one to fix it.. any insights?

When is the save/assignment supposed to happen? What's the designed workflow look like?
2014-06-24 11:17   
something went wrong in the mants db.

all text in this bug is not for the bug subject, rather it is for the wrong language dropdown bug in user preferences

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