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0001532v3.2 ReleaseProject Designerpublic2014-05-19 01:102014-07-16 21:29
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Target Version3.2Fixed in Version3.2 
Summary0001532: bulk changing tasks (end date) takes ages -> php timeout
Descriptionchanging the end date of 10 tasks takes ... > 30 sec, only part of the tasks are updated

some of them are milestones, I just see - so that explains why they were not changed, but does not explain the long time for the script.
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duplicate of 0001558new  Pending Requests bad efficiency of update tasks 
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2014-06-06 21:09   
I'm marking this as a duplicate of 0001558. While it's not the identical issue, both of them come from the same source of a store() doing a lot of work. Both will be solved by the same fix.

When you're doing bulk updates and have a store() occurring, the first updated tasks update all the child tasks, dynamics, etc.. which takes so long that the last tasks don't get updated before PHP times out.
2014-06-08 12:54   
yes, it would make sense to first copy everything without updatedynamics, and in a second step do the latter. So we won't do it several times for tasks

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