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0001538v3.2 ReleaseFilespublic2014-05-24 07:272014-07-16 21:30
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Summary0001538: folder explorer shows only empty folders
Descriptionyesterday's git.
I had one old file in a folder, created a new one (folder).

File tab shows the file ok with folder name.
Folder explorer shows only the folder that is empty. The other folder is not shown. Don't remember whether root is shown.
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2014-05-25 03:50   
for comparison: this still works in opto/web2project/stable3.2pre in github
2014-06-12 22:20   
Part of the problem here may be the fact that subfolders only display when you're viewing the parent folder. Otherwise, this appears to be working. That may be due to the pre3.2 merge from Opto.

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