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0000154Pending RequestsCore Infrastructurepublic2009-05-06 09:142014-08-16 18:21
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Summary0000154: Hard-coded System Parameters
DescriptionThere are a number of settings and preferences which are hard-coded throughout the system. Some are major and important, others are just minor and annoying... regardless, some should be converted to system-level settings, user-level preferences, or something in between.
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parent of 0000107acknowledged caseydk v4.0 Release (Planning) Remove Hard Coded Parameters from New User Request Email 
parent of 0000152closed pedroa v1.2 Release (Closed) Task not displayed in Todo 
parent of 0000188acknowledged caseydk v4.0 Release (Planning) Remove Hard Coded Parameters from New User Created Email 
parent of 0000228new  Pending Requests Remove Hard Coded Parameters from Task Log Email Format 
parent of 0000234new  Pending Requests Remove Hard Coded Parameters from New File Notification Email 
parent of 0000268closed caseydk v1.2 Release (Closed) Softcode strings to ignore in file indexation 
parent of 0000061closed caseydk v2.3 Release (Closed) Customize List Screens 
parent of 0000272acknowledged caseydk v4.0 Release (Planning) Remove Hard Coded Parameters from New Password Email 
parent of 0000276new  Pending Requests More informations in notification mails (kind of major for us) 
parent of 0000407new  Pending Requests wrong logic on archive/active and other project dstatus 
parent of 0000684closed caseydk Pending Requests Where to change content of the notification email 
parent of 0000638new  Pending Requests enhance task notification email 
parent of 0000858acknowledged  Pending Requests Tasks are totally out of whack 
parent of 0000910closed caseydk v3.0 Release put ntotification emails into separate php file for better update handling 
parent of 0000911feedback  Pending Requests email enhancement 
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