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Summary0001552: tasks per user sql totally (?) broken
Descriptionfeature (I will do): display only projects in progress, maybe have checkbox for others.
Currently, not defined is displayed as well

bug: multiple occurance of same task.
|-moduletester is a subtask.

in this window, it is displayed as


and a few lines further down for same project as:

another example from daily life:

project FFFFF is complete. Three tasks are not finished.
Actually, that happens. The customer does not seem to bother and has paid.
I would like to keep them unfinished in w2p so we know if he should have a request.
I want these tasks to disappear from my tasks and tasks per user, because project status is complete
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related to 0001561new  Pending Requests Task per user shows tasks for all active projects, should filter by status 
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2014-06-02 22:19   
Is this an annoyance or does it prevent the form from working as expected?

I ask because the task display in general needs a lot of refactoring. I'm trying to hold off on that for v4.0 to do it once instead of partial solutions now.
2014-06-06 13:24   
I think the multiple occurance of tasks is more than an annoyance.

If a user doesn't know the project structure well, it is not clear whether the tasks are doubletts.

The subtasks moduletester is dispalyed as:


and a few lines down as:


is this the same task? or another with same name? How shouuld my employees know?

I think this window does not display the desxcription popup - that would help.
2014-06-12 22:12   
The duplicate task issue is resolved in development:
2014-06-12 22:14   
The rest of this issue related to only displaying certain project statuses is a feature request, so I'm creating a related issue and attaching it here: 0001561
2014-06-12 22:14   
The bug portion is resolved in development, the rest is separated out as a feature request.

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