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0001555v3.2 ReleaseTaskspublic2014-05-27 06:142014-07-16 21:29
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Summary0001555: admin can't see task his secretary owns
Descriptionadmin has rights for everything.
Also exolicitly got all rights on that specific project.

Result: tasks per user for secretary shows task 'bbbb' (owned by her, admin not assigned).

project view does not show task 'bbbb' to admin.

In my opinioun, that is a very serious bug. Or did I oversee something in permissions?
(both are same company)

project list mentions 14 tasks, project view only shows 7 tasks
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2014-05-29 11:22   
I've updated the admin permissions check to make sure Admins can really view everything they're expecting to. The patch is here:

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