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0000156Pending RequestsCore Infrastructurepublic2009-05-09 19:132014-08-16 10:14
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Summary0000156: User Over Allocation Checking
DescriptionAs the system is currently set up, it doesn't really check "allocation" as we might expect, it simply adds the total allocation for a given User.

The right way would be determine a Users' allocation for any given point in time which is not an easy problem in the slightest.
Additional InformationFor example, if you have a 8-hour work day and three tasks assigned to a user:

Start: End: Duration
01 May 31 May 31 hours
01 May 10 May 10 hours
21 May 30 May 40 hours

The % allocation for that User will be different on 01 May vs 15 May vs 25 May... or 25% (2 of 8 hrs) vs 12.5% (1 of 8 hrs) vs 62.5% (5 of 8 hrs) respectively.

Of course, this is assuming that every single day is a work day... that's just for simplicity's sake in the example but weekends should be considered in the final solution.
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