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0001575v4.0 Release (Planning)Project Designerpublic2014-07-07 07:462016-12-29 10:16
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Summary0001575: Pre3.2: Task Headings in Project Designer Incorrect
DescriptionThe task headings in project designer do not match the data (see attached file of screen snapshot).
Additional InformationI've recently upgraded from 2.4 to Pre3.2.
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related to 0001351acknowledged caseydk Customizing Task columns does not work properly 
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2014-07-07 09:37   
This issue may only show up after customizing the tasklist in SysAdmin\Modules\Projects\tasklist. In addition, all task fields don't appear to be available in the tasklist customization. For example, the object property 'task type' isn't one of the choices. It appears that there may be several project fields listed here that should be task fields.
2014-07-13 15:50   
You are correct that this doesn't work as expected quite yet. I've disabled the customization temporarily while it gets fixed. Your best option is to clear your module_config table.. or otherwise reset your fields back to the matching columns.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
2014-08-01 21:44   
Resolved on master development as of here:
2016-12-29 10:16   

I'm changing this issue to acknowledged.

While it's resolved in the v4.0 development branch. That is going to be reviewed commit by commit and merged into a new development branch over the next couple months.

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