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0001581Pending RequestsReportspublic2014-07-29 09:552016-12-26 10:25
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Summary0001581: report upcoming shows only tasks (over)due next week
Descriptionreport upcomng shows only tasks (over)due next week

the report description say (in German): showing tasks due next week.

I am not sure how this is meant, but:

an overdue task may not have been meant to be finished next week, but it is overdue, so it should be worked on, so it would be nice if it could be finished today or next week, so IMHO it should be part of this report
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2014-08-01 22:06   
Those tasks will already appear in the Overdue report. I'm not sure we need to duplicate them in this report too.

What do you think?
2014-08-02 01:42   
it may make sense to have two separate reprts, but then we need a summary report.

It is no good to have to look into two reports and fish out what needs to be done next. And what actually needs to be done is the union of both.

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