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0001592v3.4 Release (Current)Project Designerpublic2014-08-05 13:372019-01-03 12:53
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Summary0001592: can't set user priority (admin account in test installation)
Descriptionwe just solved that, what happened?
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2014-08-06 14:47   
I just tested against my master and I'm not seeing any issues. I tested the select all and individually selecting items.
2014-08-07 04:14   
I still can't set, nothing happens

to be sure that I am assigned, I created a task in projectdesigner and tried to set UP for that.

Maybe there is a bug in adding tasks in projectdesigner which then triggers this behaviour?

3.2 truely can do this.
2014-08-07 04:15   
(Last edited: 2014-08-07 10:23)
maybe UP is set but not diplayed?

2014-08-07 13:28   
(Last edited: 2014-08-07 13:30)
I just doublechecked the db. UP is correctly set.

But projectdesigner does not show UP, only a - sign for all tasks.
Doesn't that mean that the userid is wrong in the sql?

P shows either arrow up, down or space, but not - sign

(in FF)

for example, is correctly shown in my tasks

2014-08-13 09:16   
why was this assigned to me? I think I fixed it already in 1530.

actually, it does set, but not display.

see email or:

do you really see user priorities in your projectdesigner?

if I understand the new code correctly, vw_projecttasks creates the task view, which then is actually done in gettasktree which collects the tasks.

This, just as pre bugfix 1530, does not get any user priority from the db, so it is clear that only a - is displayed - just as before my bugfix.

same for tasks

todo shows UP but gets tasks from one of the old functions.


2014-08-16 20:04   
You are correct that this is working as expected. I've attached a screencap from my project designer.
2014-10-09 04:31   
(Last edited: 2014-10-09 04:33)
sorry to say, but it is not fixed for wampserver and php 5.3 (I think).

Your screenshot further up actually shows Priority, not user priority. UP would be the - sign next to it.
As I wrote further up, the new function does not get UP from the db, so it cannot display, unless you changed that.

see note (0003588) (ca. 2 notes up) for fix


2014-10-19 11:59   
I've been digging on this one and added the field to the query. Fixed on master here:

That said, I'm starting to not like User Priority at all.. because if you have three users who's priority do you show? How do you designate which is for which person?
2014-10-19 13:42   
to comment your last note:

projectdesigner shows my (=logged in) user priority or a minus sign for not applicable. Also, it allows to set my UP (only mine), and I think the text on the edit box is clear about that.

Somewhere in tasks, I can show and edit the UP for all users.
Each user's todo shows his/her individual UP.

This all makes total sense, because:

a low priority task gets high priority for the assigned user when it comes up for him to do it. Also, I can use UP to guide employees what to do first.

Even if the task has high UP fir the user doing it, its relative priority for the project context is not changed. In view of all other tasks, it is still low priority. So we wouldn't want to use priority for this.
But not for the team member actually working on it, for him (only), it has high priority at a certain point in time (otherwise he would never do it).
2019-01-03 12:53   
In the 31 Dec 2018 release:

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