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Summary0001625: Unable to upload documents of files
DescriptionI'm running fresh installed W2P 3.2 on a Debian Testing system. It's an Apache 2.4.10 with PHP 5.6.0 / MySQL 5.5.39 installed.

On this (fresh) installation it is not possible to use file module to upload any file nor document.

By pressing the save button I get a blank and empty page without having the file uploaded. I've also created a folder named 0 (zero) and checked the folder pemissions on file system level. All seems to be OK.

On log file i get some PHP warings (see attachment)
Steps To Reproduce1) Open upload file module
2) Attach a file (on Project or not)
3) Press save button
Additional InformationIve also requested information / support on W2P Support forum without success.
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2014-10-06 09:02   
see forums:
from burnspot

I THINK I SOLVED IT (maybe). In my download from the W2P site, the "Filesystem.class.php" file appears like this: FileSystem.class.php....the "S" in system is capitalized. The error message refers to the file as having only the "F" capitalized. Once I renamed the file with only the capital "F", it worked. So far, I've tested with a file attached to a task and one that's not attached to fine.
2014-10-06 09:36   
Fixed in development:

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