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0001655v3.5 Release (Development)[All Projects] Projectspublic2015-07-06 12:292016-12-27 23:37
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Summary0001655: Import Tasks from other project drop down not populated
DescriptionOn the Add/Edit Project screen the "import tasks from" pull down is not populated with any options.
Steps To ReproduceAdd project or edit project
Additional InformationThis item has not worked since the beginning of a fresh install v. 3.3.10
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2015-07-13 04:33   
actually, since some Versions, the Projects Need to be templates to be shown.

Works for me.

I think this is ugly: to Import the last sucessfully finished Project, I have to convert it to template, Import, then set back to finished.
2016-05-01 06:44   
workaround: allow import from templates and finished projects, to avoid to have very long list with all

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