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0001660v3.5 Release (Development)[All Projects] Generalpublic2015-08-09 03:402019-01-01 16:15
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Summary0001660: hooks in bulktasks: parent hook is not called
Descriptionon store, parent_id is never set for top Level Tasks because:

bulktasks::postStore hook does not call parent hook. For all the other hooks, the parent (Tasks) hook is executed because the function is not present in bulktasks. This hook exists, does nothing but in my opinioun should call Tasks::postStore hook.

seeing this:
           if (!$this->importing_tasks) {

 in Tasks postStore hook, it is probably meant to be called, although we don't Need most of what is done in there for importing.

currently, we also don't call all parent postStore hooks

probably the same for delete hook
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2015-08-09 07:44   
it seems intentional that CTask::postStore hook is not called, but: should the baseclass hook be called instead of doing nothing?

the Task postStore hook does this as well.
There could be oher Tasks in there that we Need to call, even if we don't want the Actions of the Task postStore

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