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0001661v3.5 Release (Development)[All Projects] Generalpublic2015-08-09 04:012019-01-01 16:15
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Summary0001661: logic broken for Ctasks::$this->importing_tasks?
Descriptionthe post create hook sets importing_tasks to true if parent !=0, feels not Logical:
       if ($this->task_parent) {
            // importing tasks do not update dynamics
            $this->importing_tasks = true;

we intentionally set parent to 0 in bulktasks important. so probably should be:

       if (!$this->task_parent) {

why does preStore have this: $this->importing_tasks = false;??

Shouldn't/couldn't we remove all These and have bulktasks:importtask have set $this->importing_tasks to true before each Initial store? That is the place where we really know whether we are importing or not. Currently, we try to deduce from the parent id instead.

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