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0000168v1.2 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2009-05-30 05:572009-12-08 19:08
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Target VersionFixed in Version1.2 
Summary0000168: problems with tabs in todo when adding additional module
DescriptionI am testing helpdesk module from dotproject. When I installed it in
My Tasks To Do new tab was displayed twice.
Additional InformationSolution I found:

In module todo.php replace lines 215-224:
// Tabbed information boxes
$tabBox = new CTabBox('?m=tasks&a=todo', W2P_BASE_DIR . '/modules/', $tab);
$tabBox->add('tasks/todo_tasks_sub', 'My Tasks');
$tabBox->add('tasks/todo_gantt_sub', 'My Gantt');
// Wouldn't it be better to user $tabBox->loadExtras('tasks', 'todo'); and then
// add tasks_tab.todo.my_open_requests.php in helpdesk?
if ($AppUI->isActiveModule('helpdesk')) {
    $tabBox->add('helpdesk/vw_idx_my', 'My Open Requests');

by following lines:
$tabBox = new CTabBox('?m=tasks&a=todo','', $tab);
$tabBox->add(W2P_BASE_DIR . '/modules/tasks/todo_tasks_sub', 'My Tasks');
$tabBox->add(W2P_BASE_DIR . '/modules/tasks/todo_gantt_sub', 'My Gantt');

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2009-05-31 18:22   
Unfortunately, without the full code of your new Helpdesk module, it's impossible to reproduce this one let alone say this change is a fix. If you release this module - or a sample of data that allows others to duplicate it - we can dig into this.

In the meantime, I have to mark this as a low priority non-v1.0 release issue.
2009-07-22 12:10   
Helpdesk module is now at sourceforge. The problem I described was found by enemme as well. Is it possible to modify todo.php for 1.1 release?
2009-09-17 22:21   
Hi caseydk,
could you please check and modify the code? There are helpdesk users reporting this problem. See for example or
2009-10-05 20:11   
This has been fixed in r693, the fix as described worked just fine. Thanks. :)

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