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0001682v3.4 Release (Current)Core Infrastructurepublic2015-12-30 11:582019-01-03 12:53
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Summary0001682: BindHashToObject has bug if object is reused
DescriptionBindHashToObject does not empty (null) those fields that are not returned from mysql. This is an issue if the object has not directly been created by new but has been used before elswhere.

E.g., it seems that some mysql do not return description in query if it is empty.

So in project designer, where one obj is defined outside of the loop over tasks and multiple BindHashToObject are called to the same object, descriptions leak over into those tasks not having a description.
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2017-11-22 23:59   
This is resolved in v3.4 development.
2019-01-03 12:53   
In the 31 Dec 2018 release:

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